How to Grow Indoor Marijuana

picture of the inside of a grow room

  • Place the tray under the pot. Use the tray to collect the excess water that runs off when watering the plants.
  • Use a large (3-5 gallon) pot to grow your plants in.
  • Place the potting soil in the pot. Use a quality potting soil like (black gold).
  • Water the pot until the soil is fully saturated and water begins to drain out of the bottom of the pot.
  • Plant one starter clone in each pot.
  • Nutrients will need to be added to your water to feed your plants during their different stages of growth.
  • The light bulb will be used to imitate natural sun light.
  • The hood is used to reflect the light toward the plant(s).
  • The ballast is plugged into an electrical outlet (120 or 220 circuit) the other end is plugged into the grow lamp. The ballast processes the power to the light to make it work properly.
  • The A/C is used to keep the room temperature from going above 72 degrees.
  • The heater is used to increase the heat in the room if the room temperature falls below 68 degrees.
  • The dehumidifier and humidifier will be used to maintain a constant humidity level in the room. When the plants are small you may need to use a humidifier to increase the humidity to the desired level. However, as the plants grow you will need to us a dehumidifier to remove excess humidity produced by the plants.
  • Fan(s) are used to circulate the air in the room.
  • The Ventilator is used to bring fresh outside air into the room. The outside air will bring in much needed C02 that plants use for growth. Remember that plants take in C02 and put out oxygen. Additionally, the pressure built up in the room by the ventilator will allow air from inside to be pushed out of the room via an outside vent.
  • The ducting is connected to the ventilator and to the hood and then to the outside vent allowing some of the hot air created by the lights to be removed from the room.
  • A carbon filter can be connected inline to the outside vent to eliminate odors created by the flowering plants from leaving the room.
  • The temp and humidity controller will allow the A/C and dehumidifier to automatically adjust the rooms air to the proper levels for optimal growth.
  • The PH tester will be used to measure the soils PH level for optimal growth.
  • The measuring cups are used to place the proper amount of nutrients into your water when feeding your plants.
  • A green light is used to allow you to see when the grow lights are off during flowering.
  • Sunglasses are worn when working in the room when the lights are on.
  • Lastly, you will need a growers guide for reference.
Picture of a potting tray


Picture of a 3 gallon planter pot

Planter Pots

Picture of a bag of potting soil


Picture of a marijuana clone

Starter plants from clone

Picture of a bottle of plant nutrients

Nutrients for Growth and Flowering

Picture of a grow light hood, balast and light bulb

Hood, Light and Balast

Picture of a portable air conditioner


Picture of a portable oil heater


Picture of a dehumidifier


Picture of a fan and ventalator

Fan and Ventalator

Picture of an air duct


Picture of a carbon filter

Carbon Filter

Picture of a thermostate

Temp & Humidity

Picture of a PH tester

PH Tester

Picture of measuring cups

Measuring Cups

Picture of a green colored light bulb

Green Light Bulb

Picture of a pair of sunglasses

Sun Glasses

Picture of a how to grow marijuana book

Growers Guide